Scrap-N-Crop Retreat Photos - Malaysia

Darkroom Door - Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi everyone! We're back from our trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I taught at the Scrap-N-Crop Art Retreat! To sum it up in a few words - very hot and very fun!! All of the ladies were so much fun and really got into the different techniques that we used in all of the classes. Here's a photo of the Royal Selangor Club (the black and white building on the left) where the retreat was held:






And opposite the club was the clock tower of the supreme court:



The retreat was held in the Presidents Room:




And here's a few pictures of the classes:






Notice the nice white Malaysian tablecloths? They weren't white for long!!!! haha. I think Distress Ink added a nice touch to them!


Here's the stamping table before it was attacked by the students:




I don't have an 'after' photo of the stamping table, but rest assured, it didn't look this neat and tidy!! Too much fun happens at this table, that's for sure.




Everyone was presented with an award at the end of the retreat:




And here's a group shot of the Saturday students. I even taught 9 year old twins!




A big thanks to Val and Penelope from Scrap-N-Crop for organising such a great retreat and for asking me to teach. I had so much fun meeting everyone and sharing all the products, techniques and ideas!!! Thank you to all of the students for your enthusiasm, karaoke, inspiration and friendship! I had a fabulous time and hope to see all of you again sometime.


For more photos, visit the Scrap-N-Crop blog here.


Valerie Gan commented on 04-Jan-2014 08:17 AM
Whoopsie!! You beat me to blogging about it!!!! Sigh!! nice pics!

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