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Darkroom Door - Thursday, August 22, 2019

Hi there! We have recently released a new series of stamps called Small Stamps! These stamps are just a bit smaller than our Quote Stamps, and each Small Stamp has a fun element added into the design. We have released 4 new ones and today we’d like to share some ideas using the Hand Stamped Small Stamp

This is a stamp that can be used on your projects where you can sign the dotted line to say who it stamped by. It could be used on the back of cards, on tags that are attached to projects or on a gift box of cards like Godelieve has made here: 

Godelieve has used the Nature Walk, Grevilleas and Garden Greetings Stamps to decorate the front of the box. See more photos and details on Godelieve’s blog here. 

Here’s what the stamp looks like when stamped on the back of some cards: 

You can see there’s lots of room to sign your name. You could use your full name or just your first name. 

Here’s another great idea, to use it as a design element for the front of your cards: 

This is a similar card design to the handmade box Godelieve had made above. You can read the full tutorial here.

These are just a few ideas to show how this stamp can be used! If you’d like to see more Small Stamp projects, check out our Small Stamps Pinterest Board

You can find all of the Small Stamps on our website here.  

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